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Since 1981 Discovery has provided expert investigation services to our clients locally and abroad. We are a Group of licensed, experienced, and trained investigators / detectives each with ten to thirty years of expertise in the fields we case direct, and the divisions managed. Discovery the company, has been in business for over 30 years with the same qualifying partners/managers. This is quite a mile stone in this day and age, and we are very proud.

Below are the Divisions our senior partners and senior investigators manage.

Asset Recovery - Attorney Services- Business Solutions - Family Matters - Scientific

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Questions or Case Quotes

If you have questions regarding an investigative matter or are looking to find out how much a service or investigation will cost, call our friendly investigation experts who will provide you with a confidential free 10 min case consultation to gather enough information to see if this is something we will handle and to give you a case quote. If you agree to go forward we will send you a contract and get started. In complicated matters where a longer interview is required we may charge a consultation fee that will be added to the case if you move forward.

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