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We are a small enough firm that each Client is special and will not get lost in the shuffle.

We are a large enough firm that we have a team of experienced, trained, & licensed investigators, process servers, and legal specialists to do the very best job on your case, every time.

Scottsdale Arizona Private investigator Complex Background Investigations On Persons And Business

Additional licensing held by staff investigators includes:

process server, confidential intermediary, legal document preparation, LPN, paramedic, pharmacy tech, SCUBA, realtor, fire arms,  liquor licensing, truck driver, environmental health food safety manager,, gemologist...

 Certification & Licensing: 

All Discovery investigators have investigation training & certification and are state licensed by Arizona DPS &/or California BSIS.  They are not learning on the job without formal training.

Additional licensing held by some of our investigators includes: process server, confidential intermediary,  legal document preparer, LPN, paramedic, pharmacy, SCUBA, realtor, fire arms,  liquor licensing,  environmental health food safety manager, truck driver, gemologist, … 

Discovery Detective Group has on staff experts in many areas. 


Discovery's Founding Members

Industry leadership we bring to all clients cases:    


  • Director Dana Young, brings twenty plus years experience of investigating, case directing, educating and managing a full service  investigation firm.  She is credited for locating the key players of five of the largest fraud rings in the past twenty years, allowing them to be brought to justice. Ms Young is also a respected industry leader.  From 2012 - 2016 she was the President of the Arizona state investigation association AALPI, the AZ DPS Board Chair for the Investigator & Security Guard Hearing Board from 2012 - 2016 and she currently serves on the Arizona Supreme Court Board for Confidential Intermediaries. 

  • Director Marc Allan, an expert investigator for over thirty years. He has worked many high profile cases such as the Marilyn Monroe murder investigation.  He brings this expertise as a case consultant and director to Discovery Detective Group.  He is additionally a respected educator in the PI industry and legal fields. Experiencing the need for well trained investigators in AZ, he founded Discovery Detective Academy, a state licensed vocational college that since 1994 grants certification for investigators nationally.  He continues an active roll in all of the Academy's operations & curriculum. Marc also leads our emergency first response team. He has years of experience as a PADI dive master, underwater search and rescue, emergency first medical responder for mountaineering, and is the handler for our scent canine, Lakota. 

About Us

About Us

Discovery Detective Group continues to grow based on industry needs and what we enjoy doing the most.

We enjoy helping to find solutions for our Client's and we find satisfaction knowing we have made a difference on a personal level.

For 15 years we were the largest and most respected outside fraud department for five fortune 100 finance companies. G.E. Capital called us their secret weapon and we continue to have one of the best track records for finding people and their assets.

As you can see we take pride and share a genuine passion for our work that shines through everything we do.

We value and appreciate our clients that put their trust in us. 


Client Benefits

At Discovery Detective Group we:

  • can save you money
  • work aggressively on all cases
  • are members of your legal team
  • understand the laws and rules of evidence
  • set goals and timelines for your case
  • customize each investigation to fit your needs
  • get evidence needed based on your case
  • have experts on staff
  • are licensed in both Arizona and California 
  • work local, national and international cases
  • testify and present evidence in court
  • have investigators, process servers, CI, paralegals all under one roof working together for you.