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Arizona Child Abuse Hotline at 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445).

​Birth to Five Parenting Helpline 1-877-705-KIDS (1-877-705-5437)

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Spousal Abuse

Usually happens in a few stages: Meeting and dating is often described as a whirl wind romance.  They are everything you want them to be and all your friends and family LOVE them.  Even you.  They often want marriage or to move in quickly.  Then it is divide and conquer. First your friends are not good enough or you will have little or no time for them, then your family will get cut off for various manipulative reasons, you want to please them and they use bad behaviour to sway you.  If you get to see your friends and family it is only with them and they are just wonderful around them so no one will believe you if you say they are abusive to you. You can find yourself cut off with no real support group.  Their love and adoration of you has been replace with constant belittling and control of when and how you do everything.  This can at time lead to restraining you and they will point out it is not abuse because they have not hit you.  Later being struck or even beaten in a rage argument may happen.   Every time abuse happens from very minor to excessive, they will have you believe it is all your fault and have driven them to it.  

If you are in any cycle of this type of a relationship it is time to seek help and make changes.

If this is not their first relationship or marriage this most likely has happened before.  Think about how bad they said their prior relationship was.  If they do not talk about their past prior to you meeting them they could be hiding their bad behavior.


Abuse comes in many forms and this type of investigation is often the most difficult to get proof on because most abusers are masters of deception, fooling friends, co-workers and even other family members.  

We believe you and will leave no stone unturned in our effort to get the proof needed for court and your peace of mind.  

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Child Abuse 

  • Sexual - usually comes from a family friend, family member, or a person in a trusted position such as baby sitter, teacher, group leader...
  • Neglect - from a parent often abusing drugs, a step parent that does not nurture them as their own, or a care giver.
  • Verbal and physical abuse from a parent, sibling, guardian.  This type of abuse can be towards the whole family or just one child..  

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Abuse Signs

When someone is abusing they usually start exhibiting behavior that is different from their norm.  Symptoms can include some of the following: up all night, sleeping half the day, depression, having trouble keeping a job, missing school or work, always short on money, losing weight, tooth rot, marks or bruises on arms or toes, disconnected to family, dressing different, new friends that are secretive, lashing out at you for bringing up their bad behavior or for trying to motivate them,  leaving to run errands at odd hours...

Drug & Alcohol addiction can be an ongoing problem and may re-occur after all the best intentions of a loved one's completing a program and returning to their regular life.  

If you are seeing familiar behaviors and old patterns return Now is the time to check. 


Treatment centers are helpful for stopping the need for the drug.  Treatment is done with special drugs that keep a patient comfortable and not craving the drug.  Intensive in house care the first three to five days with a nurse.  Then at a group home for a few weeks if you can afford it or if covered by insurance. 

After that a program for Methadone where you go once a day for a dose given by a nurse.

Other treatments that have been helpful in not going back to drug seeking and use are:


Groups like AA to reinforce the non drug use and hold accountable

Discovery can administer a drug test with permission, gather evidence to prove to them you really know, surveill them afterwards to make sure their treatment took.  

​​Elder Abusecan come from family members, people they befriend, or those hired to take care of them. We can investigate to get answers for you.

It is hard for your family to know if it is just a loved ones forgetfulness or paranoia or to know if there really is a problem with the people trusted by you to take care of them.  

With dementia people often believe everyone is stealing from them, that all items they use belong to them, and they believe people are doing things to them.  We have found that there is often truth in what they are saying, especially if your loved one does not exhibit this type of behavior across the board. 

In nursing homes and hospice abuse comes from:

  • Neglect - waiting to change them, feed them or give them their medications on time, even when they are crying in pain.
  • Stealing - money for their incidentals, checks from inside a checkbook, their narcotic medications, or by use of their credit or debit card.  Most families do not know until the estate is being settled.
  • Physical & Mental Abuse - hitting or slapping them, allowing them to fall, yelling at them, making them feel worthless.    ​​

We can do periodic wellness checks for our Client's that can not always be there to check up on a loved one if neglect or abuse are suspected. We show up unannounced and check the facility and your loved one. Conduct background checks of the facility and workers.  

In verbal, physical, sexual and mental abuse cases we often find proof by investigating their past. Their abuse to you or other family members is rarely a first time occurrence.  It is a learned pattern of behavior that increases in intensity the older the abuser gets.  

We have many resources and experts we use in abuse cases. 

Call us at 480-946-7173 from a landline for a CONFIDENTIAL consultation.  We specialize in abuse investigation and will try to get you the proof needed to make your own decisions or for court.

If you are in a life threatening emergency call 911.

An abuser may have you convinced it is always you that is responsible for bringing on this response in them.  This is often a common thread and how they keep control.

​You are not alone, Call now.

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