Background Investigations

  • Business
    • Civil & Criminal Case Litigation
    • employment
    • rentals
    • judgment collection
    • potential business partners
    • problems with partners or managers
    • suspicion of theft, embezzlement 
    • breach of contract

Civil & Criminal Backgrounds

​During a full criminal or civil investigation we may run backgrounds on various subject's of interest.

These backgrounds are customized based on what we are trying to prove in your case. We use many sources and often develop our own private sources and informants.  We do not need a release to conduct this type of background and the subjects will not know they have been checked.

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Collection of Judgments

A full background is done that gives a full picture of a person or entities full financial picture.

We do this by checking for positive assets such as properties owned vs bad assets such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, other civil lawsuits / judgments.  

This helps you make an informed decision about how to go about collection or to wait.  

The economy is getting better and many people that were hard hit in 2008 are recovering so now is a good time to look at collecting on old debt.

Potential Business Partners or Business Acquisitions

This type of background does not need a signed release from the other parties unless you want to run their credit.  

This is a comprehensive background that leaves no stone unturned.

We check individuals, the business, past businesses, assets, community standing, social media, internet ranking, judgments...

DISCOVERY VERIFY for Compliant Employment & Rental Backgrounds

All backgrounds that are done for Employment, Rental, Credit MUST have a signed release from the subject of the background and they must be aware you are ordering a consumer report that will consist of records that will help you determine if they qualify for what they have applied for.

We ask that you include a copy of the signed employment application to satisfy this requirement and as a guideline for us to know what addresses, SS numbers, date of birth they have reported to you.  

We always do a criminal history check, sex offender, and verify the social security number, and that the subject's given addresses match. 

A general employment background can go from a minimal check to comprehensive and range fro $75 - thousands. 

The background for a specific type of job is determined on your needs and the exposure your company will have with that type of employee.  Because of this we do a first time interview to customize a background for each employee classification you have.

To be compliant and not risk an employee discrimination lawsuit everything you do for each classification must be uniform.

Drug screening is available at our location or we can schedule on site visits with a nurse.

Business Backgrounds

Due Diligence 

Problem Employees 

You may suspect an employee is stealing goods, company trade secrets, claiming a work injury, embezzling, not doing their job safely, doing or selling drugs...

We conduct a  full investigation that will incorporate backgrounds, surveillance, undercover contacts, interviewing...

Discovery will document the evidence collected so you can make an informed decision having the evidence needed to present it in a court of law.


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