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The subject of a background investigation may be a person you are involved with, an employee, a business entity, a suspect, person of interest, or a family member.

The purpose of a background is to discover specific information about the subject from researching public records, private sources, the internet, and talking with people that know or know of the subject of the investigation.

Personal Background Investigations

A background before investing, hiring a nanny, elder care worker, hospice helper, maid, date, potential spouse... is a small investment that can pay off big in saving you big money and heartache later.  

FACT: Most services you hire do not do a thorough background if any at all.  Many are contractors for the company you hire so they have little responsibility.  

We have three levels of background investigations.  If your case falls into one of the three levels of background investigations you can go to our shopping cart and order a case.  The price quoted is our minimum price for these investigations.  If we find information that you would like further investigation on we can with you authorization continue our efforts for you at our regular rate.

​       Level 1 quick check:

Pre-dating   Before you go on your first real date we check records to verify they are a real person, not a local criminal or sex offender. 

Rental Backgrounds -  To make a informed decision on potential tenants of an income property you own. These backgrounds must have a signed release from the subject of the background. they must be aware you are ordering  a consumer report that may consist of criminal records and the running of a credit report. We ask that you include a copy of the signed rental or employment application to satisfy this requirement and as a guideline for us to know what addresses, SS numbers, date of birth they have reported to you.  We can run a credit report or credit headers.  We always do a full criminal history check and we may check references and education, depending on the level of background you want checked within a budget.

       Level 2 compliance due diligence: 

Nanny, maid, in-home care taker, 

       Level 3 comprehensive check up:

Pre-marital  We do a thorough background checking assets, BK, judgments, divorces, driving history, employment, marital status...fidelity. 

Complex Civil & Criminal case Backgrounds - These backgrounds are customized based on what we are trying to prove for your case. We use many sources and often develop our own private sources and informants.  We do not need a release to conduct the backgrounds. These investigations typically include all or some of the following: criminal searches in counties lived, sex offender directories, property, assets, driving history, employment, co-habitation, arrests, civil judgments... .  We do not need to have a signed release to conduct this type of background investigation and the subjects will not know they have been checked.


 can be the whole investigation or we may conduct multiple background investigations within a comprehensive investigation for a complex civil or criminal matter.