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Business & Corporate Investigations

Some of our most requested business services include investigations into: 

  • Theft
  • Due diligence backgrounds
  • Assets found
  • Employment backgrounds
  • Undercover operations
  • Intellectual property & TM
  • Accidents
  • Workers comp
  • Drugs
  • Industry compliance
  • Process Service

The tabs below the Business Investigations tab above, will take you to additional information and explanations of our most popular business investigations. If you do not see your topic it does not mean we do not do that type of investigation, just ask and we will explain it to you.  If we do not do a service often have great expert referrals.


Please call 480-946-7173 for a free initial case consult from one of investigators that are standing by to take your call; or fill out our case quote by e-mail and hit submit.  Please let us know the best time to call you back and a brief description of your problem so we can have the right specialist reply.  

If we decide to take your case we will provide you a quote for a minimum amount to complete your case and send you a retainer agreement that spells out our case goals, some methods to be used, and collect the minimum case deposit.  A case director will contact you to get the additional information regarding subjects to investigate and set up the action plan to complete your case.  All cases are customized as no two investigations are exactly alike. 

On some types of repetitive cases we may set you up on monthly invoicing.

Business Investigations Include: civil and criminal defense in business matters, and investigation for prosecution of those that have harmed you or your business, location of assets & moneys owed, old employees, and people or businesses that owe you money; service of process; background investigations for employment, due diligence, partnerships, mergers, safety compliance issues, patent, trademark, counterfeit, and intellectual property investigations, theft, robbery, burglary, embezzlement...