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Support for our Clients side of a dispute or broken agreementby investigating and documenting evidence to best support their case. 

Industries we Handle Civil investigations for:

Individuals, Attorneys, Businesses, Financial Industry, Insurance Industry, & the Hospitality Industry.

Elements of a civil investigation may include one or many of the following :

  • Financial Snapshot - determines if an individual or entity is judgment proof or has viable assets
  • Assets - locates assets of individual or entities for collection of judgments, support, settlements and probate
  • Hidden Assets - locates banking relations, off shore or international accounts, properties hidden in shell corporations
  • Intelligence - information gathering from sources to support a case
  • Locates - find skip debtors, witnesses, friends, missing persons, chattel, businesses 
  • Field Operations - interviews, surveillance, stakeouts, photography/video, undercover, for case evidence

CIVIL INVESTIGATIONS are complex investigations that utilize many investigative techniques and sources to solve.

Some of the most common types investigated are:

  • Broken promise to pay
  • Divorce
  • Probate, wills & trusts
  • Contract disputes 
  • Recovery
  • Location of assets

In the United States, the term for civil law has two meanings

One meaning of civil law refers to a legal system prevalent in Europe that is based on written codes. Civil law in this sense is contrasted with the common-law system used in England and most of the United States, which relies on prior case law to resolve disputes rather than written codes. 

The second meaning of civil law refers to the body of laws governing disputes between individuals, as opposed to those governing offenses that are public and relate to the government—that is, civil law as opposed to Criminal Law.

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