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Discovery  Detective Group


COVID 19 UPDATES - we will keep this page updated as things change. 

Investigations and Process Service are classified as essential businesses.  We plan to stay open through this health crises. 

We have adapted our business to be resilient to the daily and weekly challenges of the COVID 19 progression and new government mandates by taking all precautions for the safety of our Client's, Subject's and of course our Employees, as outlined below.  Most of our services are non contact so much of what we can do has not changed.  

If you have an ongoing case, we are working it and will be in touch with updates and results.  

At this time we do not have a shortage of investigators. We are all healthy.  


  • Case consults will only be done telephonically or by Adobe Connect Pro for secure live video conference
  • Contracts will be e-mailed 
  • Payment will be by credit, debit, PayPal
  • All reports will be sent by e-mail or verbally
  • Interviews will be done telephonically when possible. 
    • ‚Äčin person will be conducted outside with social distancing
    • some may need to wait until the restrictions are lifted
  • Surveillance and stakeouts can still be done. Our investigators are in their vehicles, with no contact.
    • foot surveillance is up to our investigators to determine if it is safe and they will keep social distancing. 
  • Process Serves of court documents will be left five feet from the subject of service
    • servers will wear glove
    • affidavits will take a few days due the courts new COVID protocol. 

Industry Updates:

The courts are closed for most hearings and all trials have been postponed and updated monthly throughout the crises.  Emergency hearings will still be heard and may be done telephonically with most participants.  This is up to the judge.

AZ MVD is closed, with the exception of emergency services. They are still taking appointments at selected service centers. Expiring DL are extended. Vehicle registration can be done online. We have online access to records for our investigations.