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Discovery specializes in investigating complex high profile cases

Yes we accept collect calls and inmate mail

 Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Charged awaiting trial
  • PCR - post conviction relief
  • Represented Clients
  • Clients that are self represented pro-per
  • ​Proactive - not charged person of interest

Call for a FREE CONSULT to see if we are a match and if we will take on your case. We limit the number of Criminal investigations we take on at one time. 

Note: if you are in jail or prison please remember the call will be recorded and it is not privileged until we have a contract or are appointed to you. Legal mail is often read, non legal mail is always read and is not confidential. Conversations cell side and in an interview room are also recorded.  There are cameras in the hallways and on your day room. Anything can be used against you.  Do not talk to anyone outside of your legal team about the specifics of your case or anything that could be incriminate you. This goes for family, friends, cell mates.  

  • Credit cards or cash are forms of payment on criminal defense cases
  • ​Discovery can be appointed for indigent defendants in Arizona Federal Court and Arizona Maricopa County State Court
  • Payment plans may be extended with collateral
  • We do not work on contingency

 ​Investigation & Collection of Evidence in support of our Client's case

Our team of Experienced Expert Investigators analyze the facts and evidence to determine the best course of investigation to support your case.  Our team consists of investigators with 20 + years of experience, analysts, paralegals, mitigation specialists, experts, and interns.

Our team has the time and the knowledge to really work on your case. 

Our Criminal Defense Investigations start with a thorough case analysis

  • a privileged interview with Client in person, jail, or telephonically after contracts are signed or we are appointed. Review of all case materials released from the prosecution to the defense, including PD reports, lab reports, diagrams, videos, photos, interviews of Client and well as what the defense has found to date.
  • After a thorough analysis we consult with the legal team and make a plan for your defense.​ 

Elements of investigation that may be used in your defense include:

  • Intelligence - gathering information from sources, collected data, and internet research to support your case
  • Locate potential witnesses, persons to serve subpoenas to, and people to support mitigation
  • Records retrieval of report supplements, chain of custody, court video, traffic cams, jail cams, phone records, GPS data...
  • Field Operations -surveillance, stakeouts, photography/video, undercover, to gather and document case evidence
  • Interviews of PD, states witnesses, your witnesses
  • ​Scene recreation and visual aids to help in trial or hearings
  • Interface with police, detectives, federal agencies
  • Scene collection and preservation of evidence
  • Lab testing or have our experts re-examine states evidence and give a their opinion
    • Experts in digital data from cell tower, cell messages, computer use, handwriting, ballistics, DNA, fingerprint analysis, voice recognition​Jury selection assistance though backgrounds, observing body language, skid marks, BAC, drugs...
  • Courtroom testimony of investigators and experts
  • Locating exculpatory evidence not provided by the prosecution
  • ​Mitigation for settlement conference and sentencing in all criminal matters including Capital. We conduct a thorough interview with Client that spans from birth through the present. Mitigators used can be mental health issues, abuse, addiction, parental problems, lack of supervision or education as well as never in trouble, letters from friends, family, church, outreach programs, any special classes taken, reports from DES, schools, health records and more


Contraband can be planted by anyone.  If formally charged time is of the essence to get the video from around your cell and to get the OJ reports for the past few weeks. Do not wait to get help investigating, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, because the evidence can be overwritten as soon as two weeks if not preserved, and cell mates are often moved.

A Deadly weapon charge can give a sentence of up to 15 years. 

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CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS are complex investigations that utilize many investigative techniques and sources to solve.

Some of the most common types investigated are:

  • Dangerous Drugs Possession  / Sales
  • Theft / Burglary
  • Assault / Rape / Sex Crimes
  • Homicide / Wrongful Death / Murder
  • Fraud / Fraudulent Schemes Artifices
  • Abductions / Kidnapping
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Contraband
  • Counterfeiting