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CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS are complex investigations that utilize many investigative techniques and sources to solve.

Some of the most common types investigated are:

  • Dangerous Drugs Possession  / Sales
  • Theft / Burglary
  • Assault / Rape / Sex Crimes
  • Homicide / Wrongful Death / Murder
  • Fraud / Fraudulent Schemes Artifices
  • Abductions / Kidnapping
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Contraband
  • Counterfeiting


​No Stone Left Unturned

Criminal investigation has roots as far back as c. 1700 BC in the writings of the Code of Hammurabi.  In the code it is suggested that both the accuser and accused had the right to present evidence they collected.   

Around 1250 AD in England it was recorded that the constable was to "...record matters of fact, not matters of judgment and law.

Our courts are set up as an adversarial system of justice. 
(of a trial or legal procedure) in which the parties in a dispute have the responsibility for finding and presenting evidence.
"equality between prosecution and defense is essential in an adversarial system of justice" 


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 Criminal Investigations

  • Represented Clients
  • Clients that are self represented pro-per / pro-se

Our Criminal Investigations start with a thorough case analysis

  • a privileged interview with Client in person, jail, or telephonically after contracts are signed or we are appointed. Review of all case materials including PD reports, lab reports, diagrams, videos, photos, interviews, has found to date.
  • After a thorough analysis we consult with the legal team and make a plan for your defense.​ 

Elements of investigation that may be used in your defense include:

  • Intelligence - information gathering from sources, data, and internet research to support your case
  • Locate potential witnesses, persons to serve subpoenas to, and people to support mitigation
  • Records retrieval of report supplements, chain of custody, court video, traffic cams, jail cams, phone records, GPS data...
  • Field Operations -surveillance, stakeouts, photography/video, undercover, to gather and document case evidence
  • Interviews of PD, states witnesses, your witnesses
  • Scene collection of evidence or have our experts examine evidence and report
    • Experts in digital data from cell tower, cell messages, computer use, handwriting, ballistics, DNA, fingerprint analysis, voice recognition​Jury selection assistance though backgrounds, observing body language, skid marks, BAC, drugs...
  • Scene recreation and visual aids to help in court
  • Interface with police, detectives, federal agencies
  • Courtroom testimony of investigators and experts
  • Locating evidence 
  • ​Mitigation

Recent cases:

  • domestic terrorism case that resulted in a dismissal by the state and federal government with prejudice. 
  • mitigation for a Client with three charges that the state asked for sentencing of 15 - 20 years. Our Client got 7 yrs, taking 8 years off his sentence.
  • mitigation that took the sentence to probation with mental health support on a new program started in mid 2019.
  • civil case while incarcerated that resulted in a 6 figure award.  

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