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Defense investigations for parents or grandparents that have lost a child wrongfully to DES or the local police on a call to service.

Unfortunately this does happen. Most of the time because they do not do a thorough investigation before making the call to take a child into their custody. They usually believe your accuser over you because they are not trained to keep an open mind and investigate both sides. Remember they are social workers on a social mission to save a child. It is only required of DES investigators to have a degree and have worked in social services. Police patrol may do a cursory investigation and most are not trained detectives.  Even Police Detectives may not have had training in this type of specialized investigation.

We work to prepare evidence for your defense in a DES custody hearing.

Child Custody: For cases where one parent or the grandparents believe one or both parents should not have custody due to their bad behaviors that would affect the safety of the children when in their sole care.

After a case consultation and a client interview we determine the best way to get the evidence needed to help you win custody in a court of law by a preponderance of evidence. 

This is often a difficult investigation as most bad behaviors such as; physical abuse, verbal abuse, drugs, alcohol, seeing prostitutes, leaving the child unattended or with questionable third parties is often done discretely and not in public.  To gather enough evidence for court we may need to do multiple background investigations, internet & social media investigation, court research, surveillance both visual and aided, use cameras, make undercover contacts and interview multiple witnesses and get statements, etc.   We work very closely with client's on this type of investigation, relying on intel from your sources to make quick investigation decisions on field work.  

The best evidence comes from when they are with the child or children and do anything that is not safe or not in the child's best interest.  Because of this the majority of field work is done just prior to and while they have visitation.  The courts do not place as much weight on bad behavior if it happens on their own time without the children.  Some examples are getting drunk after work or working at a strip club.  These may lend to overall character but are legal adult behavior that is not affecting the children if it is never done with them present.  If they drink even one drink and then pick the kids up from school or for visitation, or if they take the children to the club to pick up their check then that is behavior the courts look at more strongly.

If DES is involved or has taken custody of the children we often work with the Grandparents and their attorney's in getting evidence to support their case for custody so their grandchild or children do not go into the foster care system.  This has become an epidemic of baby boomers raising there grandchildren because their child is on drugs.  Often Crack, but Heroine is also making a comeback leaving them not able to take care of themselves let alone their children.

On one case we went in undercover to check the conditions in which the children were living and found no water or electricity on, eviction notice on the door, and at least six adults and four children living there.  Two of the children and one adult were the ones we were checking on.