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Confidential & Painless DNA Collection, Analysis & Results with court chain of custody




We can investigate and collect evidence from a scene, or we can ask the police or prosecutor for a sample in police custody to run for your defense and compare it to the tests done by the police or state criminal lab.  The lab can also have a DNA expert review the tests done by law enforcement for accuracy and how the results are written.  Often test are written that can sound very damming in court to your jury, but it may be fun with statistics and not as strong as they would have novices believe. 

You can come to our office, or we can come to you for an additional charge.


Our facility located at 15230 N 75th St,1005,  Scottsdale, AZ 85260


To immigrate legally to the United States you may need to prove you have family that resides here legally for the INS.

If you are not in the US but your relative is we can get a sample from them and have it tested and have the results sent to the correct party.  

If you do not know how to reach them we can do a locate and contact them on your behalf to see if they will do a test.

We test for birth parents and adopted children so they can know 100% we found the correct parties. 

We can also test to see if your parents or siblings are related by DNA,

A new type of test will show you which genome group you came from in your early history.

Scientists are finding out more how the shared DNA of these groups affects traits and predisposed conditions. 

There are times when you legally need to know Paternity.  Who is the father of your child, or are you the father of a child.  

We facilitate this by doing a simple painless test. First on you and then on the party in question and the child.  No pain or needles needed.  Just a big Q-tip that we rub on the inside of your cheek to get a sample of cells to be tested.  Most people think it is hair or blood to be tested, but your cheek sheds millions of cells and is the best sample we can get.

Both tests ares done under controlled settings and with full chain of custody so the sample gathered by our teach is documented all the way until it is picked up by Federal Express or is dropped off at the DNA Lab we work with. They continue the chain of custody until we receive it back and then we continue until it is released to you or the courts.

To do a test you can come to us in Scottsdale or for an additional charge we can come to you.

If you are worried they may not be willing to do the test, we can show up and ask them ready to test. This technique often works.

We use one of the most accredited labs in the country that can act as an expert if needed in court.


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