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Once we know who the other party is and we establish they are having an affair, we can do a background investigation on them to make sure they are not dangerous or have a background that could financially impact you.

If you do decide to get a divorce or break up we are there to help you in court, locating and establishing assets, evidence on custody issues...

REPORTS - Verbal reports are given during the investigation.  Depending on the outcome and your needs we can: keep the info in our file for up to five years, provide a professional court ready report with evidence attachments.

**We may not be able to work for you if either party has protection orders in effect.

Some signs of cheating may be:

  • Lost time.  Gone for longer than was usual to get home from work, the gym...
  • Change of appearance.  Getting in shape, unprompted coloring of hair, new clothes, new sportier car...
  • New activities like clubs, happy hour after work, or sports that do not include you and new friends.  
  • Lack of sex drive with you.
  • Accuses you of cheating.
  • Has a prescription for Viagra that has more pills or shots missing than should be.
  • Lipstick or soiled clothes.
  • Helping someone out because they are needy.

It does not matter what stage of a relationship you are in to wonder if the person that promised to be faithful in a marriage or monogamous in a relationship is upholding their promise.

We do not judge.  We will find out if they are cheating so you can have peace of mind if they are not or decide what is best for you if they are.

Providing information so you can make an informed decision

Infidelity of a partner or spouse: If you believe your partner is cheating you may be correct. Trust your instincts, but do not accuse them. At least 30% are not cheating.

Have us discretely check them and their activities out. If we find they are cheating you will have the proof to make an informed decision based on facts. If they are not cheating you have not put a strain on your relationship by making accusations that if done repeatedly can result in un-faithfulness later. 

It is much more difficult and expensive to check someone out once they are alerted that you suspect them.  Especially if there has been a recent confrontation about it.  In our consultation we can determine if it would be better to hold off a week or two or possibly check the other party if you know who they are. 

Our case directors are experts with multiple solutions to get the information you need discretely. They will design a plan based on your circumstances and budget, providing you the best results and service. 

Out of state? Not a problem.  Many of our client's live outside AZ and have someone visiting or working here.

We can work for you directly, or if you are represented with you and your attorney.  We are a valuable member of your legal team.  All observations and evidence can be presented in court along with our expert testimony.  We keep files for five years before shredding them.  This allows us to re-open your case a few years later and pick up from where we left off saving you money and time, if a re-check is needed.