Discovery  Detective Group


We have special industry expertise and in-house experts in the following areas:

JEWELRY - High end / Loose stones / Appraisal

HOSPITALITY - Food safety/ Liquor licensing /  Dram shop / Equipment 

SECURITY - Law / Patrol / Compliance

REAL ESTATE - Compliance / Unfair practices / Mortgage fraud 

PROCESS SERVICE - Law / Contested serve 

Working for you to



Safety & Compliance Private Audit

We conduct a private audit at your business premises to determine if employees are practicing safety on the job and that equipment and operation of equipment are in compliance.  We privately report back to you with recommendations.


Conduct a defense investigation if a claim or litigation is brought against you or your company.

Investigate to determine cause, origin, fault, fraud, extent of injuries to mitigate your exposure to claims and for prosecution of responsible party.

Claims investigations are complex and may use a combination of investigative techniques, including experts as needed.

Insurance claims & workplace investigations since 1981.

Private onsite classes for employees & management

We custom set up onsite training in areas of concern. This is proactive and helps in two ways.   Keeps it fresh for your employees and supervisors to prevent accidents and it helps mitigate claims against you or your employees.

Private classes are given by our sister company Discovery College.


  • Defense
  • Prosecution

CIVIL & CRIMINAL ​​​​​​​​INVESTIGATIONS for businesses involved in insurance claims, lawsuits and prosecution.


  • Auto / Truck on the road
  • Equipment failure or involving equipment at workplace / job site 
  • non injury - death


  • Assault / battery / stalking / harassment
  • Slip & fall - falls
  • Confined space collapse
  • Equipment failure
  • Negligence
  • Drugs


  • Chattel theft
  • Theft / burglary / robbery 
  • Equipment
  • Arson / Chemical Spill
  • White collar crimes / Intellectual property theft

​Liability Claims:

  • Omissions
  • Slander / Libel
  • Wrongful death
  • Disclosure of private information

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