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Location of:

People - Friends, Relatives, Children, Witnesses, Debtors, Criminals Money - Banking Relations & Employment

Real Property - Houses & Land

Chatel - Boats, Planes, Cars, Motorcycles, ATV...

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Locate friends, classmates, people that skipped and owe you money, people to serve court papers, fugitives of justice, witnesses, subject's of interest, ex employees ...

There are restrictions if either party has orders of protection.  

Location of Chattel- Cars, Boats, RV, Planes...

If you have a vehicle you are a co-signer on and you need to get it repossessed from the party that has possession and is not paying, we can locate them and or the vehicle and arrange for it to be picked up and given to you or the lien holder. It may be in your best interest to get the vehicle back and sell it yourself and then pay the finance company because they will send it to auction and it may go for below market value leaving you with a deficiency balance.

If you have a judgment and want to locate and secure the debtor's Chattel to to satisfy your judgment, we will locate and arrange for Repo of the Chattel.

Repo and Finance Companies - we help you recover from your hardest customers. Bulk rates available.


  • People
  • Missing Persons
  • Banking
  • Businesses
  • Employment
  • Property
    • Real estate
    • Chattel: 
      • Cars
      • Boats
      • Planes

​Sometimes the location of a person or their property is the whole investigation.  In more complex matters it will be a part of the investigation.  

We conduct locates from a simple skip trace to a difficult locate of someone who is truly missing or someone known to be hiding or involved in crime. 

A skip trace starts at $125 and a full locate investigation starts at $275 and may go into the thousands.  

If we are locating a party to serve court documents most of the time we get them located and served. However, even if we can not find them, after doing a diligent investigation we can give you an "affidavit of due diligence to locate" in lieu of an affidavit of service.   You take the affidavit to the court you filed your case with and ask the judge to grant you an alternative serve. This usually means you can mail or post a copy of the court documents at their last known address. *The courts can not make you spend an unreasonable amount of money to bring someone to court. There are a few exceptions to this.

Location of assets is a type of locate but is also a major part of a background investigations for divorce, judgments, probate on contested wills, most civil and criminal court cases, and business partners.

Banking relations is part of a complex locate investigation and may use advanced investigative techniques.