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Modification of Support

​Spousal or child

Modifications of Child & Spousal Support in Scottsdale, AZ


Modification of spousal support may be achieved if you were court ordered to pay your spouse monthly maintenance and you believe they are living with another as partners.  With proof you may be able to quit or reduce your support payments to them.  We are specialist in this type of investigation and are clients are often referred by their attorneys to us. Co-habitation will not affect your child support payments if you are court ordered to do so.

What we do: we conduct an investigation to find out if your ex and another are co-mingling assets and / or living together in a relationship. We document this over a period of at least two months so your attorney can petition the court for a modification of the support you pay.  An investigation like this usually takes a few months to show they are not just spending the night once in a while and are truly living together as partners, just not married.


Modification to increase child support may be achieved two ways:

1) if we can prove your ex-spouse that was ordered to pay you child support is now working a new job that pays more than they originally reported to the court or if they have verifiable additional income form a second job.

2) if we can prove your ex-spouse that you pay child support too has a new job or other income source that has increased their income from the amount the court based your payments on.

What we do: we conduct an investigation to find out where they are working and what their income is or should be based on the job. With proof your attorney can petition the court to modify the amount they are court ordered to pay.

Modification to lower child support may be achieved if you now make less than you originally reported to the court.  You or your attorney can petition the court with this new information.

A comprehensive investigation may use a combination of all or some of the following investigative techniques:

  • Surveillance
  • Spot checks
  • Asset investigation
  • Backgrounds
  • Undercover 
  • Locates
  • Interviews