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by Dana Young, Detective

  1. You Are New to an Internet Dating Site - Recent Widow or Widower (prime target)
  2. Middle Class to Wealthy
  3. Mid 30's + 
  4. Whirlwind Romance, Poems, Sexting, LOVE
  5. They Are Very Attractive and Are Financially Set- engineer, military officer, diplomat, widower...
  6. Never Met or Seen Them in Person because they Live Abroad or in Another City
  7. Business, Financial or Health Problems Arise They Don't Ask for Money
  8. You Offer to Send Money To Help, They Will Pay You Back
  9. They Have an Accent, They Misspell Words, Have Excuses As to Why They Can Not Skype.
  10. Every Time They Commit To Visiting Something Comes Up that Needs Money To Fix


Often these scams are initiated through contact from dating sites you have registered with, usually within a few days to a few weeks of joining.

The scammers use your dating profile as a template.  It is the perfect fraud because you provide all your wants and needs and they can just swoop in and be the  PERFECT MATCH.  They create a whirlwind romance and you will not have time to think.  They get you off of the dating site quickly and onto yahoo or another free e-mail exchange and exchange phone numbers to call & text.  They will text and call morning noon and night, send poetry, have a favorite song, If you are sexual they will want to exchange pictures or videos of each other.    If you ask them to Skype they will always have an excuse as to why they have no access to use it.

 This fraud is done on men, women, straight, gay.  Prime targets are widowed and new to a dating site. 

Some of the above pictures are of actual YAHOO BOYS that work the internet dating scams primarily from Nigeria and Northern Africa.  They rake in the money from targets in western countries.  

They use their girlfriends to talk to men but most of the computer messages, money direction, and poems come from the boys. They have been known to use voice altering devices to change gender and to not have an accent.  

The other people pictures are nice generic pictures of the type they take from the internet or off of stolen phones of westerners on vacation to portray the person romancing you.  You fall for a vision of what they think you will like based on your profile and make you fall in love with an idea they promote.

This type of scam can come from Russia/eastern block, Gypsy's, and most frequently Nigerians operating and targeting victims worldwide.  

Some of this money is used for terrorism, laundered worldwide though other scams and of course the scammers get a good cut and live large in their country.

Discovery can investigate and confirm it is fraud, and if not out of country may be able to help effect prosecution and/or asset recovery.

Call and consult with Detective Dana Young. 480-946-7173.  She has over twenty years as an expert in fraud rings.

Case study 1 Gypsy

Met at a psychic store for a reading. Then contacted her by phone regularly.

Gypsy Romance Fraud on an elderly woman. The woman had been recently diagnosed with cancer and had 1-3 years to live. She died two weeks later at the home of the Gypsy.

The Gypsy woman targeted her for months getting the woman to give her a few thousand at a time for her own problems, in return she was becoming the elderly woman's best friend and confidant.

When the elderly woman told her she had cancer and was going to be spending most of her time with her family now, the Gypsy woman took her to an attorney to marry them and have the elderly woman sign a new will leaving everything in her estate of a about a million to her. 

She then took her to Arizona on a trip, said to be their honeymoon where the elderly woman died two weeks later at the home of the Gypsy. She enrolled the elderly woman in hospice where she was able to legally overdose her on opioids. She called the family and told them she had died and that she would take care of everything, not to worry or bother to come, because there would be no service as per her wishes.

We helped the family stop the cremation the Gypsy woman was insisting on so the family could pay their last respects to her and buy some time to get a court case filed and investigate her.

We were able to uncover three generations of similar gypsy crimes in her family to help the courts decide to award the estate to the elderly woman's family with the exception of an annuity all ready cashed and spent.

It was sad the PD would not criminally charge her because she died under hospice.

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Victims hire us to prove everything is OK and that the person they have fallen for really exists and are mutually in love with them.  

Victims families hire us to help their loved ones when they feel something is not right and they are being cut out of their lives.

Top 10 Romance Internet Scam WARNING SIGNS

by Dana Young, Detective

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